NK Everyday Immune Supplement


Each bottle contains 120 veggie capsules.

Produced in the United States by a US NSF certified manufacturer.

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NK Everyday Supplement TM

NK EverydayTM is an immune support supplement that can help increase your Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and promote a stronger immune system.*  Your NK cells are one of your strongest defenses against infections and cancer. The health of your NK cells is critically important to ensure a strong immunity.  NK cell function can decline with age, poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking and other stresses on the body. Unfortunately, a decline in NK cell function can leave you vulnerable to viruses, bacterial infections, and tumor formation.

NK EverydayTM immune support can help keep your body in fighting condition and ready to fend off foreign invaders with only a few capsules a day. NK EverydayTM is a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and Agaricus mushroom extract which are essential for a healthy immune system and can provide a boost to your NK cell function.



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