NK Vue™ Activity Test

NK cell activity assesses the strength of your immune system for fighting off infections, cancers and other conditions.


NKMax offers NK cell activity blood testing in our new state-of the-art CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory in Orange County, California. It is a simple blood test that requires only a small amount of whole blood (1ml).Our clinical laboratory scientists accurately measure NK cell activity using our proprietary NK Vue technology. The NK Vue testing methodology is superior to classic NK cell cytotoxicity assays since those tests only measure the cytotoxic potential and do not measure the NK cells ability to engage other cell types involved in the adaptive immune response. The NK Vue test can provide a more accurate picture of the NK cell activity since it measures both cytotoxic potential and immune cell engagement potential.

Knowing your NK cell activity level is the first step towards protecting your health and optimizing wellness. NK Vue is a highly accurate test for determining the effectiveness of your NK cells for fighting off infections and cancer. It is important to know your personal NK cell activity level so that you may start making changes to improve your immune system. If you would like to have your NK cell activity tested, please contact your healthcare provider so they can generate a test order for you.

**Please note: NK Vue Activity Test will no longer be available for purchase from NKMax America after April 30, 2021**

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How to Order NKVueTM

1. Complete a test requisition form

An NK Vue™ test requisition form must be completed by a healthcare provider/physician and must accompany the blood sample when submitted for processing.

2. Schedule and complete an NK Vue blood draw

Patient blood draws must be performed at an authorized NK Vue™ draw site. To schedule a blood draw at NKMax in Santa Ana, CA contact NKMax client services at (949) 954-1158.

3. Deliver to NKMax for processing

If the blood draw is performed at NKMax, the sample will be prepared and processed on site. If the draw is performed at another authorized NK Vue™ draw site, the sample must be processed and prepared for shipment to NKMax (as per NK Vue sample prep procedures) and sent to NKMax.


NK Vue Overview and Testing Algorithm

Interested in learning more about the NK Vue test and its role in immunosurveillance testing? Want to know the recommended testing intervals for monitoring?

NK Vue Sample Report

Want to view a sample NK Vue test report? The NK Vue report provides you with your own NK cell activity level along with important information about your results.

NK Vue Publications

There are many published studies supporting the use of the NK Vue test to measure Natural Killer cell activity. Check out the list of publications using the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 billion NK cells in your body:

  • Not all of your NK cells have the ability to effectively fight off dangerous abnormal cells.
    • Many NK cells in your body lack the ability to attack the abnormal cells.
    • A high number of NK cells does not necessarily mean that your immunity is high.
    • It is the level of highly active NK cells that really matter in maintaining a strong immune system.
  • Knowing your own NK cell activity level can help to assess the strength of your immune system.

The only way to know your NK cell activity level is by testing your blood.

NK (Natural Killer) cell activity indicates how well your body can defend itself against infected and abnormal cells. Several conditions or diseases may affect your NK cell activity. Lifestyle can also affect your NK activity. For example, people who are highly stressed or who are not sleeping or eating well may have a lower NK cell activity.

Knowing your NK cell activity level can help you evaluate the strength of your immune system for fighting off these infections and diseases and allow you to take preventive steps (healthy lifestyle, NK cell therapy) to enhance your immune system.

It is important to know the status of your Natural Killer cell function, so you are informed of your immune status. If you have low NK cell activity you may benefit from lifestyle modifications such as weight loss, exercise, diet changes, stress reduction, smoking cessation, and others. In addition to lifestyle changes, there may be situations where supplementing with NK EverydayTM may be appropriate.

Many patients suffering from infections and chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease and cancer have significantly lower NK cell activity compared to normal healthy people. When NK cells are not active, the ability of the NK cells to attack the abnormal cells is decreased and the probability of disease will increase. Patients with these conditions can also benefit NK cell function monitoring.