COVID-19 Testing Information for Businesses

NKMax offers both tests for COVID-19: RT-PCR and Antibody

Let us take care of your employee COVID-19 testing needs.

NKMax is committed to helping local businesses safely re-open, offering both the RT-PCR test to check for active COVID-19 infections and an Antibody IgG/IgM test to determine past exposure to the virus.

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Screening Form

Employee completes test screening questionnarie. Medical partner reviews form and orders testing for the patient based on CDC guidelines.

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Our Laboratory

Specimens are processed at our CLIA- certified, CAP-accredited high complexity lab in Santa Ana, CA. All COVID-19 tests performed in our lab are rigorously validated and authorized by the FDA (EUA).

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Sample Collection

NKMax provides sample collection at our facility in Santa Ana or at your location for a one-time on-site collection event (additional charge) provided you have 20+ employees pre-registered. Whichever you prefer.

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Test Results

Results of testing will be provided to the ordering physician and patient. Employers with consent granted by employee can receive results as well.

Workforce Testing Guidelines

The CDC is encouraging employers to create internal policies and procedures for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. COVID-19 testing by NKMax can help provide the support you need to get employees back to work.

Our Services


The COVID-19 PCR test is for diagnosing active infections. The test requires a sample taken via a nasal swab.

NKMax PCR testing is FDA authorized (EUA) and has been further validated in our CLIA- certified laboratory.


The COVID-19 Antibody test is for evaluating past exposure (currently symptom-free). The test requires a sample taken via a blood draw.

NKMax Antibody testing is FDA authorized (EUA) and has been further validated in our CLIA-certified laboratory.

Get Started

Ready to start testing? Just call us to request a business account set-up and an employee discount code. The code is required for all employee appointments .

Contact NKMax to set-up a COVID-19 testing business account: 949-396-6830 or

After account set-up, employees should call  949-396-6830 to secure a specimen collection appointment at our facility

Employee test results will be available :

PCR Test : 1 – 2 business days
Antibody Test: Same day