About Us

NKMax aspires to be the leading company in the cellular immunotherapy market and strives to fulfill our goal of bringing happiness through health.

NKMax Health is a leading innovator of Natural Killer (NK) cell products in the health and wellness community, with the goal to help people in their quest for a healthier immune system.

NKMax Health is the consumer products division of NKMax America.* NKMax Health is focused on bringing NK cell activity testing (NK Vue™) and immune support products (NK Everyday™) to the health and wellness market while NKMax America is focused on the development and commercialization of an adoptive NK cell immunotherapy currently in clinical trials to treat patients with cancer, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases. More information on our NK cell immunotherapy and clinical trials is available at www.nkmaxamerica.com.

The NKMax America and NKMax Health family are collectively known as NKMax.

*NKMax America changed its company name to NKGen Biotech effective April 2, 2021.

The NKMax Difference

NKMax is a one-of-a-kind immune cell company. Our unparalleled products take advantage of the Natural Killer (NK) cells’ unique role in the body’s ability to naturally fight off infections and cancers.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in NK cells and is driven to translate this proprietary know-how and skills into life changing products for consumers and patients.

NKMax’s core value is “health is the greatest wealth.” We truly believe you can make no better investment than in your health and strive to spread this vision through the development and commercialization of our natural killer cell testing, supplements and immunotherapy products.

The talented people within our organization are first and foremost patient advocates. We put our patients and customers first, doing everything in our power to create the highest quality products possible to help them lead a healthier life.

Laboratory Licenses and Accreditations

The NKMax America clinical laboratory is both CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited and is authorized to perform clinical laboratory testing services in the United States. We follow the strictest quality control guidelines in the industry to ensure the accuracy of patient test results.


CAP Accreditation #7541687

CLIA Certification #05D2027259

California Department of Public Health #CDF00341215