NKMax Health

Harnessing the power of your immune system

Maximize your Immunity

Through our innovative technology we can test your immune system health and provide immune support supplementation

NKVUE test

NK VueTM Test

A simple blood test that measures the strength of your innate immune system for fighting disease

nk everyday bottle

NK EverydayTM Supplement

A proprietary blend of immune boosting Agaricus mushroom, vitamins and minerals

Natural Killer Cells

What are Natural Killer (NK) cells?

NK cells are white blood cells found within our immune system that help protect our body from harmful substances, microbes and unwanted cellular changes

NK cells are vital for maintaining health but their activity can decrease during times of stress, infection and chronic disease.

Immune Health Experts

NKMax is the expert in all things natural killer cell. With decades of experience in NK cell research and product development, we bring high quality products to the health and wellness market.

Quality Testing

Our NK Vue Test is performed under the highest regulatory standards in our on-site CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified state-of-the-art clinical laboratory.

Finest Ingredients

Our NK EverydayTM supplement is produced by an NSF-certified U.S. manufacturer and contains organic Agaricus mushroom with no artificial colors or preservatives and is dairy free and gluten-free.

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